saranac lake artworks
Notes from Meetings - April 9, 2013, 8:30 am

In Attendance: David, Burdette, Sandy, Gail, Tim, Cris, Cat

Financials - Burdette - not much change

Membership List - send out and use it

By-Laws - Mark - Blue Moon 4 pm 4/11 Exec Comm - review; decide upon a special meeting to vote on it (Sandy, Cris, Burdette, David)

Business Sponsor Program - Tim
Contacted 33 businesses, about 16 to go; will leave list while gone - someone else can contact; no one outright said no - they all liked the idea - the challenge will be follow-up. Will work on in May. Would like to be done by June.
Need to send thank you notes

Advertising - Ads in Arts in Park - deadline April - Sandy

Distribute Membership Brochures

Web Site - Sandy - need new artwork from members

Online registrations for Studio Tour and Plein Air Festival

PayPal Account (accept online & credit card payments)?

BLOG - Burdette, Sandy, Cris - seek volunteers to write for it - weekly posts - ArtWords

Studio Tour - Cris - about 7 signed up; cross-referencing email and mailing label list; get PR out; establish a real deadline.

Plein Air Festival - Sandy - ask Mayor to sponsor an award

Exhibit Opportunities - Sandy
Bird art exhibit at VIC - drop off dates: May 15-16 VIC

Plein Air exhibit at VIC - in August

Saranac Lake 6er Art Exhibit - Mayor offered former Pink location and then never followed through; Chamber was willing to host an exhibit

Participation in Farmer's Market (Matt B) - good place to hand out information; not effective unless you are proactive and talk to people; Cris sold some work; table and ask if anyone wants to sit

Daffest - plein air if possible

Free black & white printing available for ArtWorks through Pendragon

Evening Program Tonight at Bluseed - meet the artist-in-residence 7 pm

New Items
  • Tim - Plein Air Festival - $8000 in sales in a day; suggest an annual ArtWorks Show & Sale; Labor Day Weekend or Studio Tour; Cris - plan in November for following year; would require more work.
  • Cris - suggested a “media package” we could provide to our members.
  • Meet with ANCA - plan an "art trail"

Next meeting: May 14, 8:30 am