saranac lake
Notes from Meetings - April 8, 2014, 8:30 am

Present:  Burdette Parks, Larry Poole, Cris Winters

Old Business
Nonprofit Status. ArtWorks applied to Fractured Atlas on March 18. 2014 for nonprofit status. We expect to hear back from them that they accepted our application by April 15, 2014. At the next ArtWorks meeting we want to discuss how to determine which categories of our monies received should be tax exempt for donors, with the help of Fractured Atlas. NOTE: ArtWorks has been approved for fiscal sponsorship by Fractured Atlas - more on this later.

Business Sponsor Program. Burdette is working with Tim to compile the business sponsor list and to distribute a short list of businesses for individuals in the working group to contact.

Studio Tour 2014. Cris gave a short report on a current progress, including the search for venues to host the two pre-Tour workshops and for an artist outpost location in Saranac Lake Village.

ArtWalks & other fees for SLAW professional members. A discussion will be conducted at our next meeting.

Farmers Market. A letter will go out soon to ArtWorks professional members with information about this opportunity. Several members have committed to participating.

New ArtWorks Membership/Studio Tour publication. Report from Sandy:
  • Janet Yeates agreed to design our brochure for $1000.
  • Brochure will include:   
    • Professional members & Studio Tour artists with image, description, contact info.
    • Supporting members will be simply listed.
    • Business Sponsors will be thanked.
    • Large map on the back side, with a downtown Saranac Lake detail,
  • Rack card specifically for the Studio Tour - with Studio Tour sponsors and info.
  • 34 professional members. Approximately +/-20 additional Studio Tour artists included. There will be a color-coding system to identify which artists are doing the July 20 Studio Tour, the Sept 27-28 Studio Tour, or both.
  • Larry Poole is checking on the exact size specifications from the company we plan to hire to distribute our brochures and/or rack cards.
  • Work on the publication will be conducted during May, so all information needs to be collected by late April.
Plein Air Festival. Report from Sandy:
13 Artists registered. Will start doing more serious promotion in May. Information needed about our Business Sponsor program so Sandy knows how many additional award sponsors she needs to line up for the PAF.
Next Meeting: Tuesday, May 13, 8:30am at the Artist Guild
All Members are welcome to attend!