saranac lake artworks
Notes from Meetings - March 23, 2009
Present: Mark, Susan, Todd, David, Sandy

Adirondack Living Show Display
  • Todd offered his gallery as a work space (deliver wire racks) to set up display
  • Mark – willing to go to all the SL arts places and photograph them to make a display
  • David – our message – SL is a place where you can find Adirondack art work (made in Adks – not necessarily bark & twig) – but unique & high quality
  • Todd – press release about what Artworks is doing and why – noteworthy to have a private organization representing the town – photo of us setting up display? Susan will contact Brian Mann about it.
  • Sandy – less is more – let’s not try to include everything in SL related to the arts.
  • Todd – would like to help advise layout of booth, how to lead people into the booth – perhaps even use of a scent
  • Sales – Sandy - credit card imprinter + hand-written receipts – YES – she will take care of that.
  • Who is going and delivering and setting up?
  • Need to set up another meeting to arrange display – Sat.?  Mark will email. Sandy will get display system over to Gallery 7444.
Artworks – font, logo – consistency
  • Todd provided examples of lower case logos – logo could easily be lower case but in print it would be captalized
  • Mark – let’s use ArtWorks – emphasizes both art and works.
  • Todd – use a common font – as long as we get the name out now, it won’t matter if we alter the font or arrangement later
  • Sandy provided examples in various fonts
  • Susan suggested working with the silhouette of McKenzie Mt.
  • David – logo should represent all the arts – which may be impossible.
  • Todd - logo is basically the name – name recognition.
Artworks web site
  • Todd will put something up for now
  • Todd – put announcements of meetings, etc. on web site – so other artists and businesses will realize they can become involved.
  • David – who makes policy and decisions? We’re evolving….
  • Mark – press release might be the best way to invite people to become a part of Artworks
  • Mark –Nick Wakeman gave him  an estimate of a 5 page web site - $1500-1800. (Nick has been hired to do the Chamber web site). Will email us more specifics.. (Todd – using Nick might be a good way to get strong connection between Artworks and Chamber).
Additional advertising ADE Summer Guide, Artisans in the Park
  • ADE is due in 2 days – Todd suggested we use existing one; Sandy volunteered to redesign – will send out to everyone.
  • David – we should include “member of artworks” in our own individual advertising
$$ - can we get financial support from more businesses and individual artists?
  • Todd – let’s work as we are for a year and then after we have something to show people, we can probably gain more support via the concentric layers of artists/businesses
  • David – anyone who manufactures anything should be able to identify with the organization and have a certain level of self-value – and make a financial contribution – we could even effect elections!
  • Susan – village has master plan/vision concept – are the arts included?
  • Todd – there is money in the stimulus package related to the arts – has to be applied for through local government – generally has to do with reducing taxes..
  • David/Todd – maybe (in the future) Artworks could process sales for independent artists
Next meeting Mon. April 6, 8:30 Guild or possibly Gallery 7444 to see display plans. (Note: we did meet on April 6 for the purpose of creating display - no minutes were kept.)