saranac lake artworks
Notes from Meetings - March 13, 2012, 8 am

Attending: Kelly Brunette, Jeremy Evans, Burdette Parks, Susan Olsen, Beth Gallagher, Mark Kurtz, Sandy Hildreth

  • Financial Report - a little below $4000, bills have been paid, including $1500 Chamber Visitors Guide ad
  • Membership Report - could there be quarterly payments? yes
  • Web Site Report - (see attached pdf) - # site visitors increasing over time
  • New Business
    • Advertising Proposal for 2012
      • - send ArtWorks logo to members
      • - Pendragon and LPCA  - include ads in their programs; good to support local arts
      • - consensus was to put money into a multi-fold brochure about ArtWorks members for 2012, similar to Ithaca Art Trail brohcure. Example, contact info & write up about each member; large map with all studio and gallery locations; smaller map of Saranac Lake; if we include the Arts Council logo on the front we can put them in the Lake Placid Visitors Bureau at no cost; get some prices for designing it
      • - in the future, consider a package deal for Studio Tour, ArtWorks membership, and Plein Air Festival
  • Farmer’s Market ?
  • Old Business
    • NEA Grant - needs a direct result and benefit to Village if support is expected; worth pursuing - ArtWorks & Village working together
    • Not-for-profit status - yes or no? Have Bluseed & Pendragon tell us about why they are nfp (next meeting)
    • - talk to Bluseed about involvement in NEA grant - now
      • Benefits
        • ability to apply for grants and seek support from foundations
        • donations are tax deductible
        • $25/year to display materials in Lake Placid Visitors Bureau (free if done through arts council)
        • Free email marketing service through Vertical Response
  • By-Laws - Jeremy offered to help us develop some; Tim, Todd, Susan
  • Officers - should be in by-laws; June meeting - adopt by-laws and elect new officers
  • Studio Tour - one complaint about increase in fee; Mark will write explanation of cost and send out
  • Plein Air Festival - coming along; getting inquiries; a few registrations; seeking award donations and lodging hosts for artists
  • Other?
  • Jeremy - Downtown Bicycle Criterium; would like to grow it and coordinate other activities around the race; Sunday June 10; if nothing else galleries should be open; Village will provide a schedule of everything going on to the riders; ArtWalk June 9? The more events we can have going on the better. Let Jeremy know by May 1.

Next Meeting: April 10 - evening 7 pm; try BYOB @ Bluseed?