saranac lake artworks
Notes from Meetings - March 12, 2013, 7 pm

In Attendance: Burdette, Sandy, Cris,  Mark, Guest: Jennifer Jubin, Clarkson University student interested in helping ArtWorks. Will be adding her to the email list:

(Burdette): $4600 in the bank - no outstanding bills.

Brochures - please pick up at Artists Guild and distribute and then see if more need to be printed (about 200 were given out by Chamber at Ottawa travel show last weekend)

Introduction of guest: Jennifer  - worked in DC, “transforming communities”, encouraged us to have some sort of gala to recognize our sponsors and volunteers; discussed organizations that are “not just for profit" - as being more common now than "not for profit"; is interested in covering exhibits and sending articles to paper.

Cris - going to contact ADE about arts coverage, seems very haphazard and they never send anyone to cover our exhibits.

Report on Feb. School Board meeting - 100 attended; we read our letters of support for the arts. Just about everything ere spoke against cutting the art and music programs.

Tax workshop for artists - just 4 attended but learned a lot; however - Tim found tax info that said fair market value cannot be deducted for contributions of art work.

Membership:  Currently at 27 professional members (down from 30 - includes 3 new ones plus Hobofest) and 9 (up from 7) supporting members.

Business Sponsors (Tim): has visited 28, more than half, and seems to feel most will become sponsors. Rice Furniture - $250; I.B. Hunt $150, $50 donation from an individual.

How to Recognize Business Sponsors? Really need to recognize them in printed materials; gala; add pages to booklet? It is very important to make sure that those who wish to support specific events get to do so. Tim will ask as he discusses contributions with businesses.

Studio Tour - bring name back to Artist at Work Studio Tour, sponsored by Saranac Lake ArtWorks, covering the Northern Adirondacks
- should ArtWorks members get a discount - or charge higher fee for non-members? Consider for 2014 - grant already written for 2013 event and it's important to do what was stated in the grant.
- identify ArtWorks members in booklet; and web site logo with name; include a statement about Artworks, what we do, how to join, in Studio Tour booklet and web site section

Gala - could be a way to recognize volunteers for Studio Tour, Plein Air, Film Fest, Hobofest; picture in ADE, in addition to business sponsors.

Web Site - (Sandy) non-renewing members have been removed; new ones need to be added; we should all have new images in the home page slide show - horizontal are needed. Send any changes to Sandy.

Saranac Lake 6er Program - attracting a lot of attention; possible art exhibit theme; perhaps in empty store fronts and/or Chamber office - Sandy will contact Jeremy & Mayor


- Chamber full page ad - suggested we use it as a poster; Sandy will get some printed.
- Demographics for Adk Explorer & Adk Life - provided (was asked to do this at prior meeting, we have decided not to advertise in Adk Life and to try an online ad for the Explorer). Demographics are available online if interested: Adk Explorer, Adk Life.
- Dave/Bob - connection with NCCCA? ArtWorks should be a member
- Explorer - deadline is 3/20 - want to try online?
- Handmade in NY  (northern St. Lawrence Co. newspapers)- very reasonable - deadline is 3/19 - agreed to a 1/2 page, $150 ad
- Arts in Park - Matt Paul has agreed to create a cover design; looked into the cost of a full page ad - but ADE didn’t like the idea. Would rather spread individual artist/gallery ads throughout the publication. Need text about events - ArtWalks, Plein Air Festival, Studio Tour, Hobofest, etc. INDIVIDUAL ARTISTS AND GALLERIES ARE ENCOURAGED TO DO YOUR OWN ADS

Brochures - redistribute to local motels; ROOST office; Ottawa Tourism Expo

ANCA - interested in promoting the arts - any more contact? Tim, could you ask them about ANCA joining ArtWorks;

North Country Regional Development Organization - Jennifer willing to advocate for us (financial support for the arts) - her college president is the co-chair.

Cris - blog on web site - organize a meeting to discuss it Meet March 26 4 pm Blue Moon - blog on web site?
Mark - NCPR or Almanack? Take turns writing

Membership Benefits - registration discount for Plein Air Festival & Studio Tour? Sandy is going to offer a discount for artists in the Plein Air Festival, Studio Tour will consider for 2014.

Events - send Sandy events for web site and online calendars.

By-Laws - people planning to meet and create some, just to help us organize a bit more and have a process to follow.

Meeting Dates & Times - 8:30 am 2nd Tuesday

Exhibit Opportunities
  • Bird Art Invitational at the VIC, May 17 - June 7 - who will commit to providing a piece? Contact Sandy
  • Plein Air at the VIC (also invitational) - Aug 6 - Sept 4 - Contact Sandy
  • Chamber Office - probably time to rotate in new works of art - labels, poster - 6er art exhibit?

Orion Webinar (Jill, read email) - March 19, about "Art that restores Rivers",  if interested contact Jill.

Notice: Mark is stepping down as President.... out of time; will follow up on by-laws

Next Meeting - April 9, 8:30 am Artists Guild