saranac lake
Notes from Meetings - Mar 11, 2014, 9 am

Attending:  Cris Winters, David Zwierankin, Burdette Parks, Sandra Hildreth, Shawn Halperin, Tim Fortune, Mark Kurtz, Colleen O’Neill

Old Business
ArtWorks Business Organization: Options have been narrowed down to Fractured Atlas 501c3 NFP with possibly an additional 501c6 NFP status which would cover all possible grant category applications. David will look into the logistics and cost of applying for 501c6 status. Fractured Atlas charges $95.00 to get started.
$195 is charged if there is more than one access user. A final decision and vote will be made on our Business Organization on March 18th, 11am at the Guild by the executive committee.

Business Sponsor Committee: Business Sponsorship is up from last year. Burdette supplied updated sponsor list. Members should send any missing or potential new sponsor names to Burdette asap. Sandra will supply Burdette and Tim with the Chamber Business List for contact. Tim will group final list by 2-3 sponsors and can supply copies of testimonials if needed. Deadline for committal and payment by Business Sponsors is APRIL 1, 2014!

Studio Tour 2014: New Studio Tour dates will be: July 20th (Sunday) and September 27 & 28 (Sat&Sun). Raising the $65 entrance fee is still under consideration; fees for other Studio Tours are usually much higher. Cris and Sandy met with Sheri Cross and Sue Young of the Jay/Wilmington, and they will be helping with the Studio Tour in some capacity. A budget is being determined for the new combination ArtWorks/Studio Tour Publication, then proposals will be sought from graphic designers for the design work.

New Business
Arts Trail Report: Great turn out for the first meeting. Saranac Lake was chosen as the first location since we have the greatest number of working artists in our area, here is link to article in Adirondack Daily Enterprise-

Saranac Lake APP: An app for mobile devices is being developed for the Saranac Lake Chamber of Commerce members. David will provide more info at next meeting. This will be another way for visitors to find artists and our businesses.

Art Events Poster: Sandra will put together a 14” x 17” and possibly a smaller version poster of ArtWorks events that will be distributed throughout our area year-round. The poster will be printed at no charge to us by the Saranac Lake Chamber. Volunteers needed for distributing and putting up the posters.

Art Walks: It is up for more discussion as to whether Professional Members should not be charged the additional $65 fee to participate in ArtWalks. To be determined at next meeting.

Next Meeting: Tuesday, April 8, 8:30am at the Artist Guild
All Members are welcome to attend!