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Notes from Meetings - March 10, 2015, 5 pm

Present: Mark, Marie, Colleen, Sandy, Larry, Shawn, Beth

Discussion Topics

Arts Advisory Council - Mark talked to Jeremy; it would be good to have an Arts Advisory Council to function much like the Downtown Advisory Committee - or it could work through the Downtown Advisory Committee to bring items to the attention of the Village Board; perhaps research other “arts” communities; doesn’t have to be a formal committee - could be through ArtWorks.
- could we have zoning regulations that require empty store fronts to have something in them attractive; village of Hudson? talk to Jeremy?
- Vacant store exhibits/juried shows/ calls for installations
- Zoning in the village is still not finished - now would be the time to incorporate things for the arts
 - Railroad depot - could the train go all the way to Bluseed for a special art event?

Finances - no report

Membership - 40 professional members (new record high!); 6 supporting (certainly room for more); 3 business - new - ANCA and Champlain Bank
Stephanie is continuing to work on membership and has planned an event for April 11. 6-8:30 at Bluseed; David Warner and Deborah Kaufman will be coming from to make a presentation. Free. All artists invited.

Cape Air Office - (5 Broadway) the member exhibit has been hung and a reception may be planned in the future. This exhibit opportunity is for professional ArtWorks members who do not have a gallery or studio presence in the Village.

Web Site - suggestions were made to make the “member artists” button more prominent on the home page - revisions were made - check it out!
Web Stats for our site were considerably lower the first 3 months of 2015 than 2014 - disappointing because there had been much redesign of the site to draw attention to our galleries and art venues with regular business hours. The member page also goes directly to individual member web sites. However, Sandy reported that for the first time the stats for her personal art site showed artworks as being the top referrer. Upon checking later, artworks had also moved ahead of Facebook as the top referrer for the Adirondack Artists Guild web site as well. Please check your own web sites if you can and monitor how much traffic comes from

Membership Event April 11
food will be catered; beverages provided
help - anyone who would like to volunteer should contact Stephanie -
spread the word, invite other artists
invitations will be out soon.

Plein Air Festival - announcement went out Feb 28 via email and Facebook that registration would open March 1- by noon on March 2 the limit of 50 artists was reached.


more focus on art under $100 at ArtWalks? - a special event? Tent set up downtown or empty store front? Studio Tour? Holiday season? Coincide with tree lighting & Christmas carolers?
a winter ArtWalk?

Next meeting - April 14 5 pm Mark’s Studio