saranac lake artworks
Notes from Meetings - March 8, 2011

Attended: Mark, Courtney, Cat, Bob, Matt B, Burdette, Susan, Sandy

Farmer’s Market & Vending Machine: Todd & Matt would like to have a booth at the Farmer’s Market for the Vending Machine; rotating artists; they would get to display work and take care of machine. Vending machine could reimburse ArtWorks for fees.
- so we would need to get artists scheduled for each week - show is really a promotional event for artists - find out about interest - could display/demonstrate
- need one person to coordinate - Todd/Matt (Matt will write initial email)
- think about when we want to start and stop - maybe Memorial Day - Labor Day?
- tent (Meg has one, Matt has one, Bob P has one)
- need art
- charge more - “buy” special quarters? may what you can?
- stamp or address labels on boxes
- quality control of art - will be by invite only
- should have artworks logo and URL
- Sandy sent email out asking for people to sign up for Saturdays to see if there was interest.

Daffest - art events? plein air painters?

- Arts in the Parks - artists and businesses encouraged to submit their own ads; need map; contact Susan Moore - Sandy did contact her - they will include a village map and any artists who submit an ad will get marked on the map.

Check for Bluseed - Mark, Susan - Burdette. March 12 at concert

EVENTS: Please send events to Sandy; need to post on web site; include in Chamber Visitors Guide, calendar, Great Adirondack Day's Poster, etc. Seeking events fro June 28 - July 4 (Adirondack Arts & Heritage Festival) and during Plein Air Festival (Aug 18 - 21) and Studio Tour (Sept 23 - 25).

Artist Talk/Gathering - Larry did a very nice one; Larry & Susan were the committee and will try and target a date towards the end of April

New Gallery - trying to come up with a $$ amount core group would pay; getting estimates on lighting, monthly fees; next meeting Wed. night, March 9, 6:30 and Bluseed

Mark’s Gallery - has to leave his gallery because Left Bank Cafe wants the back half to make a kitchen for the Cafe. Seeking another location.

Finances: income good; expenses (ads)

Studio Tour - ads ready; registrations ready, due May 1
Plein Air Festival - preview exhibit at Pendragon Aug 13 - 21 (get local stuff up first)

Mark - will check on stickers; Susan would like some for memberships

Next Meeting April 12