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Notes from Meetings - Mar 21, 2017

ArtWorks Meeting Mar 21, 2017 at BluSeed Studios

In attendence: Sandy, Mark, Sunny, Georgeanne, Beth, Carol?

Studio Tour ideas

Have some self-promotion workshops for members - not mandatory. Or in return for the Studio Tour fee

Marketing Studio Tour - Seminar: early May Reach out to others: Holly?

Provide sample press releases; postcards; templates for materials (mini-press packet)

Tour fees
- Members  $35 + free marketing seminar
Non-Members - $75 non-members

Name: ArtWorks Studio Tours


Website - continuous updates for each month

Dates: last weekends of the month: June - Nov
- get to know your neighbors (June - for locals)

Attract collectors

Cooperatively market other studio tours - charge a fee

Email members: new logo/title, by April 1

Plein Air - disappointing numbers
some afraid of jurying
will open Sept event for them

Collaboration with BluSeed
ArtWorks Committee chair a voting member of BluSeed Board; also has check-writing privileges
BluSeed hiring a bookkeeper that will take care of ArtWorks stuff too - but we should pay for it.
Changing address to BluSeedís
BluSeed Board has responsibility for fiscal decisions - has authorized ArtWorks Committee to put together a budget - if approved by Board, then expenditures can be made BUDGET!
can ArtWorks do letters of support for BluSeed? Amy S said if on a separate letterhead that indicated ArtWorks is a sponsored special project of BluSeed

Communications & Grant Research
Melissa Hart - Mark met with her; press releases; grant research
Jackie offered to help with ArtWorks Facebook
do a memorandum of understanding with her?