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Notes from Meetings - Feb 17, 2015, 5 pm

Present: Larry Poole, Tara Palen, Stephanie DeJoseph, Colleen O’Neill, Eugenia & Edith Urban, Marie Cogar, Peter, Shrope Shawn Halperin, Beth Gallagher, Burdette Parks, Mark Kurtz, Tim Fortune, Sandy Hildreth

Membership: Stephanie DeJoseph, our membership coordinator, will make a brief report on membership and ideas for expanding it. As of this date 35 Professional members, most renewed, some did not, picked up some new ones. 6 Supporting members - lots of room to expand that. Stephanie proposed a membership drive and a special art related presentation - probably in March or April. Bluseed offered to host.

We should have something special for emerging artists

Join form - put on tables during openings, theatre, receptions, etc. (done)

Financials: $12,000 in bank - not counting 2015 memberships coming in.

Exhibit Opportunity - Cape Air Office - coordinator
Peter will try to check it out - Shawn, Marie, Larry, Stephanie volunteered to help

Pendragon would also like to schedule exhibits in lobby gallery - asks Tara to create a call for art? Or Pendragon could invite artists to participate from ArtWorks membership

Studio Tours: Planning for the 3 Last Saturday Artists at Work Studio Tours. July 25,  Aug 29, Sept 26 - need a coordinator - distribute info at the ArtWalks, Farmer's Market; $50 fee to participate in any/all. Typed list of artists to be made available to be used with ArtWorks brochures - updated each month

Business Sponsor Program?
Yes - Stephanie volunteered to do it, will meet with Burdette, Tim

Pendragon - sponsor a show? Tintypes?

Peter - Made in the Adirondacks Show at the Adirondack Museum - 7/18 - share ArtWorks email with AM approved.


Next Meeting: March 10

Next meeting - April 14 5 pm Mark’s Studio