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Notes from Meetings - Feb 16, 2016

Jim Hotaling, Tim Fortune, Shawn Halperin, Sandy Hildreth, Mark Kurtz , Larry Poole & David Woodward (meeting was rescheduled from 2nd Tuesday due to Winter Carnival conflicts.)

Financial Report - Sandy reviewed finances based on the Profit & Loss Report Burdette provided for 2015. Waiting for confirmation, but we have approximately $15,185 in the bank, primarily due to funds raised by the Plein Air Festival.
  • $1500 is earmarked for our 2 Membership Coordinators, Shawn Halperin and Tara Palen.
  • $4000 is earmarked for Plein Air Festival funds. Sandy is going to keep a separate bank account for the Plein Air Festival and plans to continue to help fund ArtWorks by making a donation from Plein Air funds. The $1000 donation to the public school Art Program, from the Plein Air Festival Silent Auction, will come out of this $4000. The rest will go towards awards and other costs of the Festival.
  • Balance available: $9685
Projected Income for 2016
  • $7050     47 Professional members (now up to 50)
  • $1700     10 Business Sponsors (as of 2/12/16), additional ones expected
  • --------      $25 Supporting Memberships - members are all encouraged to get at least 1 friend or family member to join as at the Supporting Member level.
  • It was suggested that we might think about ways to jointly fund-raise (ArtWorks, BluSeed, Pendragon), sharing the work and the proceeds; example - a supporting membership that would be less than the total of all 3, but provide a combined membership to all 3 organizations.

Advertising Expenses

  • $7594.50 in 2015 - Should be able to do at least that much if not more in 2016
    • $100        ROOST - image on webpage
    • $1350        Full page Chamber Visitors Guide
    • $4128        Brochure design, printing, distribution
    • $400        Full back cover, ADE Arts in Park
    • $260        LPCA Program Guide
    • $175        Pendragon Program Guide
    • $6413        TOTAL
  • $500 for website redesign
  • Janet Marie Yeates was recognized for doing an outstanding job on the 2015 ArtWorks brochure and approved to design the 2016 brochure.
  • NOTE: Plein Air Festival, ArtWalks, & Studio Tour all pay for their own advertising
Proposal for a Part-Time Arts Coordinator Position
This was introduced and discussed at previous meetings.
Based on the financial report and the fact that we have approximately $9685 available in the bank, it is proposed that ArtWorks seek funding support, working with BluSeed as our not-for-profit partner. We will seek funding of $5000 and match that with our own $5000 to hire someone to work approximately 15 hours/week, at $16/hour, for up to 42 weeks/year. (TOTAL $10,080). It may be possible to share a position as well as office space with BluSeed.
Strategic Planning Event
At the Oct 13, 2015 meeting a committee was formed with the task of planning a Strategic Planning event for the ArtWorks membership. It was requested that a facilitator be engaged to help the membership more clearly define ArtWorks and the mission of ArtWorks, as well as to plan future goals. It was also requested that this event be held in January or February 2016. The committee is asked to take action and move forward. Several people were suggested as facilitators: Jack Drury, Marc Campeau (Clarkson), others?
Strategic Planning Committee Members: Diane Leifheit, Tara Palen, Greg Hill, David Woodward, and Jim Hotaling.
Adirondack ArtWorks Proposal
Sandy proposed that we might want to consider transitioning Saranac Lake ArtWorks into Adirondack ArtWorks of Saranac Lake. Mainly in order to attract more artist and gallery members. See attached PDF.
Member input requested.
Next meeting will be Tues March 8 at 5 pm.