saranac lake artworks
Notes from Meetings - Feb 12, 2013, 7 pm

In attendance: Mark, Beth, Tim, Burdette, Cris, Jill, David, Sandy, Matt B

Finances: including memberships; $5300; no outstanding bills; some is from PAF; seem to be in good shape

Advertising: Same as last year or should we do something different.

Cris - should we advertise in other newspapers like Albany, Rochester; Sandy - online advertising on Explorer web site; Cris will look into ad rates

Do we target traditional print media; or online more
Mark - no to Adk Life; let’s use money for online Explorer ads and try other city advertising
Include URL in logo.... in Visitors Guide ad
Burdette; try online ads on Explorer
David - check with Bob about NCCCA - we need to connect
Get demographics about - Explorer & Adk Life

Film Fest: Every Wed. in March -

Cover for Arts in the Park - ask Matt Paul first; then ask others

Tim: talked with ANCA - can’t promote just SL but would like to promote arts in entire region; want to help the big picture?

Workshop: Taxes for Artists/School Budget Hearing (send letter to Editor; present at meeting); contract

Business Sponsorship Plan (Tim): visited 10 businesses; they agreed, but kept forms and have not submitted payment; 34 to go - will need to follow-up; very positive reactions; collect money; divide equally between 4 events? or give budget amount to each event? Events donate some profits back to ArtWorks?

Do we need to include HoboFest in 2013 sponsorship plan? No - but perhaps in the future

Membership: 26 pro plus 6 supporting; need to contact a few more about renewing; still send out press release; include Denton pubs;

Web Site: sign up for announcements on ArtWorks web site; Bring stats to next meeting; Cris - blog on web site - organize a meeting to discuss it
Mark - NCPR or Almanack? Take turns writing

NEA Grant: grant accepted; wait for results; consider using proposal for other grants too; David - state - $5 mil grant available - each region is eligible to apply

Ecumenical Council Request (Beth) needs a logo; rendering; get in touch with Beth

Classes & Workshops (Cris) - other workshops - photographing artwork; sales tax - how to collect, etc.; protecting & copyrighting images; using social media; insurance issues; extra art material - yard/spring cleaning sale - jump on coattails of Village wide garage sale - July 1