saranac lake
Notes from Meetings - Feb 11, 2014, 9 am

Attending:  Cris Winters, David Zwierankin, Burdette Parks, Sandra Hildreth, Shawn Halperin, Mark Kurtz, Larry Poole

Old Business
ArtWorks Business Organization:
Continued progress, David will provide more info on 501 C6 vs 501C3 NFP status and benefits. Burdette meeting with Amy this week. Mark and Sandra to coordinate questions to ask Todd/Adirondack Sustainable tourism, including references from other NFP that they represent. Follow up at next meeting. As part of comparing costs for our options, Burdette will check on the cost of insurance that SLAW should have for our various events. Cris will learn about whether having 501c3 status or 501c6 status will affect our ability to apply for certain grants.

Business Sponsor Program
Four business contact group lists will be made. Any other potential business contacts email to Burdette or Tim. Cris will provide her Studio Tour business contacts for the lists. Deadline for payment is April 1, 2014. We all are encouraged to send business sponsor suggestions to Tim and Burdette.

Studio Tour 2014:
Cris is meeting with Sheri Cross and/or Sue Young of the Jay/Wilmington area this week. They are willing to help with the Studio Tour in some capacity. The committee is considering changing the tour guide format and combining it with an ArtWorks brochure that will include all of our events.
New Business
We have 30 Professional Members and 11 Supporting, with a few more expected to come in. With this revenue, Sandra presented an outline for the 2014 Advertising budget. ArtWorks will be able to advertise more this year.  Distribution with the North Country Brochure Company was discussed and Larry will contact them to get more details on number units that would be serviced and how many brochures ArtWorks would need for their supply.

Possible Donation Opportunity with a Brewer’s Guild that is looking to expand in our area. Artwork would be used as incentive for donors to invest and artists would get advertising on their site. More info to come.

We still have many ArtWorks brochures, please distribute if you can. They are stored at Artist Guild

Farmers Market:
Option this year of having a space/tent which would include insurance and an opportunity for artists to sell their work. Would be Lake Flower location, Saturdays 9-2.  Artists would sign up for the day/s they can be there. Artists would need their own sales tax numbers and may want to have a device for handling payment or accept Cash/check only. Pendragon also interested in having a presence for advertising and selling tickets. ArtWorks would pay the $250 seasonal fee so that ArtWorks professional members could use the tent. Cris will talk with artists about making commitments to be at the tent before we make a final decision. David thought Pendragon would benefit from this opportunity and that they could provide and set up the tent on most of the Saturdays.

Expanding ArtWorks’ Online Presence:
Courtney Miller is willing to help us expand our online opportunities (including and beyond Facebook) to promote our organization. Sandy will talk with Courtney about working on this.

Next Meeting: Tuesday, March 11, 9:00 am at the Artist Guild

All Members are welcome to attend!