saranac lake artworks
Notes from Meetings - February 9, 2010


Art Works General Meeting -  Adk Artists Guild 8:30 am
Mark, Meg, Bob, Larry, Todd, Tim, Susan, Sandy, Meg, David


- Financial Report
All bills paid; not everyone has paid – email those who have not yet paid.

- Status of rack cards and advertising - cards being worked on, will be ready soon. Missing images – Ampersound? Todd will follow up.
- Adk Ex – ArtWorks will be doing a "Summer Guide" ad, but if individuals want to it was suggest they include the ArtWorks logo
- Mark – bumper stickers – Todd & Mark, 50
- Karen D. did do the cover for the Visitors Guide
- Todd did Visitors Guide ad
- Artisans in the Park – encourage everyone to do individual ads
- Tim – we should invite Cathy and/Susan Moore to next meeting - UPDATE: Susan will be attending March 9 meeting.

- Web site (ad indicated ArtWalks maps available online – our web site? Tim and Todd can work together on the map)
- ArtWalks posters – Mark suggested one for the whole summer.

- Rob Grant web site (, plus others – he owns the key URLS) - click on attractions, then arts, then look at galleries, etc. - outdated info. David and Sandy both emailed him and were given the opportunity to pay $195 for a listing!

- Blog – Mark would like about 1/2 a dozen blog posts to have available; if you want feedback on grammar, etc., send to Susan; there will not be editing unless topic raises a red flag; remember your post is representing ArtWorks as a group.

- David – blacksmithing event – may host at his shop in early Sept.

- Membership - should people who expressed interest in joining be invited to this meeting? (add to mailing list invite to meeting – Phil, Peter, Karen)

- Evening meeting(s) to discuss mission, plans, philosophy, art, etc.  Todd – suggests 1 hour meeting with Jack to finalize things; open meeting to present ArtWorks accomplishments, goals, etc. – open to all interested in the Arts (postponed)

- Mark will set a date with Jack, limit to an hour, then we can meet as a whole, socialize, and review expectations, goals, etc. Tim – we should bring ideas on what kind of structure ArtWorks should have (i.e., ultimately hiring a web master for a professional site).

- Larry – the more we organize, the more time is required for structure – keep that in mind.

- David – there should be an “executive committee” to handle business

- David – how about the music people? Todd – work with open mic? Tim – seek out and invite a musician?

- Other Events – David – blacksmithing

- Larry –some people may like to be supportive of the Arts in some kind of associate membership

- Great Adirondack Days - Chamber is promoting all the July - Sept events in Saranac Lake under the umbrella of "Great Adirondack Days" - will be posters and advertising (ArtWalks, Plein Air Festival, Studio Tour, etc., should be included).

- anything else?