saranac lake artworks
Notes from Meetings - February 9, 2009
Bob Pettee, Susan Olsen, Mark Kurtz, Sandy Hildreth (talked to Tim afterwards)

Adirondack Living Show (booth is $770, Franklin Co. giving $150; $620 divided by 7 = $90) Todd chose not to participate in the booth, but everyone else has agreed to.
From Nadia – it is a home show, everything from log homes to pools, etc. & lots of 2nd home owners go to it. It has both display and retail oriented booths. Bring a range of affordable items.
  • What is displayed?
  • Who sets it up?
  • Who can go?
  • How to handle sales?
  • Mark will contact ADK Life people about reprints of article
  • Consensus is YES. Have a separate meeting to plan the display – Georgeanne & Tim should collaborate on design.
  • It was suggested we need a logo and a specific font/size/arrangement for wording. Original design (10+ years ago) was all caps, “ART” was a cursive style font, “WORKS” was in block letters). What format? artworks or ArtWorks or ARTWORKS? Artworks Saranac Lake or Artworks in Saranac Lake? Or?

Web site – there has been a suggestion that our web site URL should include Saranac Lake: or We should decide so we can get the correct URL in the ad for the Visitor’s Guide. And get the web site created and online.

Full page ad in Explorer? – Those present felt we should accept Betsy’s offer for a full color, full page ad in their summer Annual Guide – and that we should see what their designer comes up with for the ad. Betsy will be in touch with us in March.

Meet the Town? The text that was submitted to the Chamber Visitor’s Guide was sent to Andy Flynn – he would like to use it in Meet the Town. We should probably also do an ad. It is $199 for 1/4 page ad. March deadline.

Other promotional things
  • Norte Maar exhibit (see Check this organization out online; several Saranac Lake painters and Barry Lobdell are having shows in Plattsburgh that were arranged by this group. They might be able to help ArtWorks out in some way.
  • Reprints of Adirondack Life article – Mark will contact them to see if they would reprint some for us to take to the Adirondack Living Show.
  • Buttons – once we get an official logo/font/format we should get buttons made!
Sponsors? (to help us cover costs)
  • Norte Maar? (need to learn more about this organiztion).
  • Others – we really didn’t discuss this, but think about it. Maybe we could get some business(es) to contribute to our advertising costs?
Future Events
  • A Paint Out? Sandy suggested a 1 day or perhaps a weekend event where painters and photographers are invited to come visit the area, make their own arrangements for lodging, meals, etc., They are given maps with directions to scenic places and then there is a brief display/sale at the end of the event. No/small application fee; very few expenses (advertise via press releases); small commission on sales would come back to ArtWorks. The Waterhole has offered their upstairs as a temporary display area; Bob offered Pendragon. Sandy would like to work on organizing one of these for this summer.
  • Mark – Adirondack Arts Workshop; 1 week ( or 3 day); stay at lodges and B&B’s; organized meals at area restaurants (ceramics, theatre, outdoor sketching, painting, photography, pack baskets – canoe trips) Exhibit at the end – Susan – could provide packets of materials at discount prices. Slide show at end of works of participants (like Mark’s slide show at end of Winter Carnival). Instructors paid. Something to think about for the future – to promote Saranac Lake as an arts destination.

Bob – should we be an organization – let others join in - YES; have our own checking account. What about taxes? Sandy checked at her credit union (Adirondack Regional) – $3.50/month; Community Bank – free checking. At both banks, since we are not an official business or not-for-profit, the account would be under an individual’s name and social security number. Sandy is willing to open the account, but needed to make at least a $50 deposit, so will have to wait until people submit checks for the Adirondack Living Show. She also wants a second person to be on the account for check signing purposes.