saranac lake artworks
Notes from Meetings - Feb 8, 2011

Attended: Larry, Susan, Bob, Burdette, Matt B, Matt P, Courtney, Mark, Sandy

(I think there were others but I accidentally deleted some of my notes - the following may be incomplete too)


Election of Officers: Vice-President ? (did someone volunteer?)

Formation of Steering Committee to handle routine business and decisions: Officers plus 2 members needed.

Email and ask for volunteers -list duties - take over for president, run meetings, respond to emails. Threaten to have a lottery! Like Jury duty (Susan not averse to it) Try to get a diversity of representation. (possibly Bob, Matt Burnett)

ADE Artisans in the Park - could be used for a village arts map
Text: 1st year - ArtWalks; 2nd year - Studio Tour;  this year: Plein Air; Galleries?

Matt - Rustic Furniture fair ($350 for booth, on street $200?) - has anyone been invited?

Advertising - Visitors Guide
Rack Cards?
Arts newspaper
*Send in all ArtWorks members; send articles and pictures

Events: 6/28 - 7/4, before, during and after Plein Air Festival 8/18 - 21 & Studio Tour region - Bob - may be on the road, but perhaps have a concert or reading in theatre

Updating text and images in Visitors Guide

Cat - new gallery - 12 - 14 people interested, limited liability corp, help from Center for Ind. Living; open May 1?

Plein Air Festival
host artists
pre-event display for participating artists?
painting day at the VIC
currently contacting possible awards jurors
suggestions for benefit of Paint the Town Silent Auction - Pendragon? Upper Saranac Lake Scholarship Association?; School?

Studio Tour
ArtWorks will become sponsor; Guild should remain as host site
Matt, Sandy, Diane - anyone else? - planning committee - should have registration forms ready for Juried Show drop off dates - Feb 25

ArtWorks - community involvement - plan ahead for things - a calendar
Adirondack Carousel
Art & Career Day at LPCA
Porch Project with HSL
New Galleries

Review goals developed at session with Marc Compeau
Goals (someone needs to step up and take responsibility for these actions - each goal has a lead person and an assistant who takes over the next year, and so on):

1) Coordinate and promote informal gatherings 6 times a year - open to everyone
( Susan volunteered to communicate events; Larry will help, & Tim)

2) Coordinate and promote artist specific small business seminars twice a year (Burdette, Tim) Burdette will seek topics from group (i.e., web marketing, social media)

3) By focusing on external communication, Artworks will increase patron attendance at fine art events. (Advertising Committee: Sandy, Diane, Matt P)

4) Increase the diversity of Fine Arts represented by ArtWorks members (Bob P and Todd - nominated in absentia)

How do we accomplish all this?
We need a corp of volunteers who will step up and help make things happen - a lot of people who do several small things, rather than a few people doing all the work. Marc recommends they change every year too - so no one gets burned out.
The "teams" that represent these 4 goals should have monthly meetings and report back to ArtWorks on what they have accomplished

ArtWorks needs to be involved with the business community, encourage cooperation, etc.

Burdette: Upper Saranac cookbook made it to 2nd place in a cookbook contest

Evening Artist presentations: Larry 2/16

Next meeting March 8