saranac lake artworks
Notes from Meetings - Jan 27, 2011

Attending: Tim, Burdette, Larry, Susan, Diane, Cat, Courtney, Sandy, Bob, Mark

Meeting with Marc Compeau, Director of Entrepreneurship Center, Clarkson University

This was a follow-up to our Dec 16, 2010 meeting with Marc.

How do we define Artworks?

- business side - bringing more people to Saranac Lake so all prosper
- nurturing side - creating a welcoming environment for “all” arts - no requirement of an economic benefit
- or both?

After much discussion and brainstorming - Marc led us to the following:

Nurturing the business of Fine Art and Artists

Acting as a unifying voice for Saranac Lake area artists, Artworks will enhance members’ abilities to grow as artists, collaborate as a community and succeed as businesses, and ultimately make Saranac Lake the “arts destination” of the Adirondacks.

Goals (someone needs to step up and take responsibility for these actions - each goal has a lead person and an assistant who takes over the next year, and so on):

1) Coordinate and promote informal gatherings 6 times a year - open to everyone
( Susan volunteered to communicate events; Larry will help, & Tim)

2) Coordinate and promote artist specific small business seminars twice a year (Burdette, Tim)

3) By focusing on external communication, Artworks will increase patron attendance at fine art events. (Advertising Committee: Sandy, Diane, Matt P)

4) Increase the diversity of Fine Arts represented b ArtWorks members (Bob P and Todd - nominated in absentia)

How do we accomplish all this?
  • We need a corp of volunteers who will step up and help make things happen - a lot of people who do several small things, rather than a few people doing all the work. Marc recommends they change every year too - so no one gets burned out.
  • The "teams" that represent these 4 goals should have monthly meetings and report back to ArtWorks on what they have accomplished
Marc Compeau has offered to meet with us again, in September, to if we have been able to put these goals into measureable actions.

Next business meeting: Feb 8, 8 am, Guild