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Notes from Meetings - Jan 14, 2015, 5 pm

Present: Larry, Beth, Colleen, Tim, Sandy, Mark


Officers - since no one has stepped forward and offered to take on a leadership position, it was decided to continue running ArtWorks through the Interim Steering Committee. All members are welcome to attend meetings and give input.

Membership Coordinator - it was decided to offer the position to Stephanie DeJoseph. $1500 with a goal of 50 Professional Level members; bonus of $25 per each additional Pro. Member. Also needs to grow the Supporting Members.

Membership Levels - new and renewing membership forms are on our web site, along with online payment options ( Installment payments are acceptable.
  • Supporting Member - $25 - for people who wish to be arts supportors
  • NEW - Emerging Artists (under age 30) - $50, listed on a separate web page
  • Professional Member - Individual Artist - $150 ($125 if member of a Gallery or Organization that is a member).
  • NEW - Professional Member - Gallery/Business/Organization - $175 - will be featured more in advertising

Brochure - will have same designer and use the brochure distribution company again.

Advertising - a tentative advertising plan will be created until we know how many members we will have. After discussion, it was decided to focus advertising on our brick and mortar galleries (hence the increase in fee), because those are the places with regular business hours that visitors can find and actually come see art. Our web site had over 114,000 actual visitors, but ArtWorks has no physical address - how many visitors were able to find their way to any of us? If we focus on the galleries, then they can distribute the brochures which do contain all our members, contact info, and map. All members will also be on our web site.

Studio Tour - there was overwhelming support from the survey (results at - links near top of page). Registration will be handled by Membership Coordinator, Stephanie DeJoseph.

  • NEW - Studio Tour fee will be reduced to $50
  • NEW - all Studio Tour participants will need to be Professional Members of ArtWorks
  • NEW - there will be 3 one-day Studio Tours on the last Saturday of July, Aug, and Sept. (we need a creative name!)
    • Artists may do just 1, 2, or all (fee is the same)
    • Dates will be listed in brochure, as well as all artists, but a separate list of participating artists will be published for each of the months, and will be distributed with the brochures
    • ArtWorks will make sure all artists have signs, brochures, and artist lists and will do publicity - artists are encouraged to also do their own.
  • Galleries will be encourage to sign up for tour and offer something special - demo, workshop, artist talk? to attract visitors.

Next Meeting: Feb 17 - to avoid Winter Carnival, 5 pm, Mark Kurtz studio