saranac lake
Notes from Meetings - Jan 14, 2014, 8:30 am

Attending:  Cris Winters, Burdette Parks, Sandra Hildreth, Shawn Halperin, Mark Kurtz, Tim Fortune, Karen Kirkham

Old Business
ArtWorks Business Organization:
Business Organization Committee members will continue their research and contacts and report back what they can in 2 weeks before the coming busy carnival weeks. ArtWorks still needs to decide whether we want an official legal designation such as (1) “association” or (2) “not-for-profit organization” (NFP), or other type OR to remain as we are now – an informal coalition. If ArtWorks decides we want to become a NFP, we have several options to investigate including NFP status through Fractured Atlas, under the umbrella of Adirondack Sustainable Communities (ASC), or through the process of forming our NFP ourselves.
Sandra Hildreth has 15 pages of detailed information comparing Fractured Atlas and ASC to read through.
Mark Kurtz will look into the ASC option and meet with Todd Smith this week
Burdette Parks will contact lawyer Amy Smith ie “association” status
Business Sponsor Committee: Sandra has made a business sponsor form to review. Tim will be personally thanking existing business sponsors with a hand written note. A master list of Sponsors is needed. 2014 DEADLINE for business sponsors to make payment and receive full benefits is APRIL 1, 2014. Tim is main contact. Cris: Additional sponsors are needed for Studio Tour.
Finances: A full 2013 financial report was submitted by Burdette and a summary will be mailed out to members as an attachment to the Meeting Minutes. 2013 Business Sponsor Fund of $2600 will be divided equally amongst: Cabin Fever Film Festival, the 3rd Thursday ArtWalks, the Plein Air Festival and the Studio Tour. Hobofest will be part of the 2014 fund.

NEA “Our Town” Grant: Karen Kirkham said Pendragon decided to not apply for the grant this year but is looking into other funding options. As the deadline for application is past, ArtWorks will have to plan earlier for next year’s application.

Studio Tour 2014: One publication combining ArtWorks Members and the Studio Tour Artist’s and map information is being looked into as a way to save money. Sandra presented a brochure size fold out that has a large map with sponsors on one side and artist info on the other. Cris will contact Karen Davidson and Sandra will contact Janet Yeats for possible help with the new publication.
The possibility of having a one day summer Studio Tour Day to take advantage of the summer traffic is being considered along with a two-day fall Studio Tour (Sat & Sun only-no Friday). A reduced fee for the Studio Tour, for Artworks members, was discussed.

Cris will make a list of Studio Tour Organization Tasks, break them down into how much time is needed for each to make it easier to match the list of artists that are available to help this year. Anyone still interested in helping this year-please contact Cris!

Cris will contact Sheri Cross and/or Sue Young of the Jay/Wilmington area to see if they would like to be on the Studio Tour Committee.
Membership: Sandra has submitted a draft statement that defines ArtWorks, Members gave their input and the following is the Final Draft:

Saranac Lake ArtWorks is a collaboration of artists, arts-related businesses, and organizations with the goal of promoting the Arts in Saranac Lake and the surrounding Adirondack communities. ArtWorks encompasses the Visual Arts, Drama, Literature, and Music. Individual artists, performers, and writers are encouraged to join as well as businesses and organizations.

The Mission of ArtWorks includes:
  • cooperative marketing and promotion of our members and their arts-related events
  • maintaining a comprehensive calendar of events on our web site.
  • distributing communications about our members and their events to the media
  • providing assistance and guidance to developing artists
  • creating opportunities for our members to display and sell their work
  • hosting educational programs for the benefit of our members
  • developing the community as a legitimate arts destination

New Business
NCCCA: Kathy Recchi from NCCCA (North Country Cultural Center for the Arts in Plattsburgh, NY) has offered to help ArtWorks in some capacity. Cris will set up an informal chat meeting with  Kathy and possibly others from NCCCA to give them an idea of what tasks would be best handled and most helpful. Sandra will supply an estimated number of hours per week that is needed to handle the online calendar events and coordinating. Other suggestions: help with grant writing and Press Releases.

Mark suggested that it would be beneficial for a Member of ArtWorks to be on the NCCCA Board and inviting NCCCA Board Members to one of our meetings to allow better communication and knowledge between the two organizations.

Next Meeting: Tuesday, February 11, 9:00 am at the Artist Guild
All Members are welcome to attend!