saranac lake artworks
Notes from Meetings - Jan 15, 2013, 8 am

Attending: Bob, David, Tim, Sandy, guest - Heidi Little, Jill, Larry, Mark, Beth, Chris   

Financial: We have carried over from last year the princely sum of $1846.14

Web Site: Aug & Sept remain our biggest month, most hits, but actual site visits stays pretty steady averaging around 190/day; Dec: majority of visits to home page then, in order: events, plein air festival, artists (members), art stroll; besides search engines - we got site referrals from, artists guild, adk almanac, ny plein air painters; search terms - our name, plein air festival

Old Business:

Business Sponsor Proposal - review brochure & letter; create list; assign members
Film Fest 12 @ $100 ea, total budget $1200
ArtWalks $75 x15 or 20
Plein Air  10,12 @ $150-200
Studio Tour $65 x 20, 30
Statement about paying over time


NEA Grant Status - need samples of work by Feb 1 - Bob would like to inform all the artists (not just ArtWorks members) to explain about the grant.

New Business

Town Hall Programs - Heidi Little, thoughts about art events in the Town Hall; wants to sponsor/co-produce a monthly event on a Sat or Sun in Town Hall; 3 - 8 pm; $5 donation ($1 to ArtWorks, $1 to performers, $1 to Village; rest to support the program and/or charity); table displays, workshops, child tailored events, sell products; end with a featured performer. People voluntarily participate. Tim - might want to structure what kind of programs/demos are presented. Something for adults and kids. Heidi will donate time for free. “Ignite Saranac Lake” - multi-media presentation (

Cape Air Ad?