saranac lake artworks
Notes from Meetings - January 12, 2010


Art Works General Meeting -  Adk Artists Guild 8:30 am

Present: Matt, David, Tim, Todd, Peter, Mark, Sandy, Susan, Georgeanne


2010 Advertising
  • Full page, full color ad in the 2010 Saranac Lake Chamber Visitor's Guide (plus 2 pages of text and pictures); Todd submitted the ad; Sandy will submit revised text.
  • 1/4 page ad in the Saranac Lake Corporate Guide (plus input on text and pictures); Todd submitted this one.
  • business card size ad on the Lake Placid/Saranac Lake map brochure. Total cost (with 20% discount for doing all 3) = $1674 done – this ad not submitted yet.
  • 1/4 page ads in both the summer and winter vacation guides published by the Adirondack Daily Enterprise. $333 – due later
  • An Adirondack Explorer ad, in their annual summer guide - $250 – due later
  • 2500 full color rack cards (to promote ArtWorks) - $390 – Matt & Todd agreed to work on it.

Financial Report: ads paid for ($2000 – should be $1674); little left; NOTE: Sandy stopped at the Chamber and the check was already deposited, Adrienne said she would refund the difference.

Visitors Guide Cover & text: use text without including all the individual members, but the ad does include everyone; Todd suggested more ArtWorks members should join chamber; Todd talked to Karen Davidson (Karen and Peter want to join) about the ad. Sandy will contact her – several of us could meet with her. Note from Sandy: Karen contacted and we will probably meet Thurs. or Fri..

Tim: radio station doing interviews with artists. (Judy O’Toole – wants to join ArtWorks)

Susan: Phil Gallos really wants to join – contact him.

Blogs: Todd & Mark met with Mary Thill (Adk Almanac ) – eager to have us participate and prefers to have us only do one Blog - with them; Explorer also wants us. Todd & Mark agreed just one would be best. We should have a schedule – once a week; Susan offered to edit. Everything should go to Susan first; then she will send to Todd/Mark.and they will submit to Adk Almanac. START WRITING!

Meeting with Jack Drury –  (to finish up mission, goals, objectives, etc.) Feb 1? Mark will try to set it up.

Chamber Office – room for more – large verticals, something behind desks, needs color – Peter to send email – go over & bring ArtWork

PR – build membership?  Sandy offered to start working on text for it. Todd – push for a few more members. David: do we want membership criteria? Mark: we need to make sure Saranac Lake is the core of ArtWorks (if other communities develop).

Next meeting Feb. 9: keep business meetings in the mornings; have bi-monthly evening get togethers. Potlucks at different people’s homes?

Susan: landlady wants us to use upstairs; suggested an “art party” to watch parade; Susan will notify; $5 a piece for ArtWorks & Guild members and guests..