saranac lake artworks
Notes from Meetings - Jan 11, 2011

Attending: Larry, Peter Shrope, Peter Seward, Gail, Cat, Courtney, Burdette, Tim, Susan, Sandy, Matt P

Agenda Items

Financial report (Burdette) - dues payments coming in; make a big check and pay Bluseed ($1200 - proceeds form Plein Air Silent Aution); not counting todays dues, the balance minus what we owe Bluseed is around $1600

Art Under $100
- Final Totals - Art Under $100 Sale
- 11 Artists sold 20 pieces for a total of $1345
-  20% to ArtWorks = $269
- 10% to Bluseed = $134.50
- $941.50 to artists
- Look into how to make it better

Election of officers? anyone interested? it's been 2 years - time to look at it - current officers present at meeting agreed to stay on for another year. (Mark - Pres., Sandy - Sec., Burdette - Treasurer, Susan - Membership).
- it was suggested we develop a set of By-Laws, with terms of office and job descriptions
- create an executive or steering committee (officers plus 3 members at large) to handle routine business decisions - seek volunteers.
Review of meeting with Marc Compeau (Clarkson U. Adk Business Center) - consensus was to meet with him again - Sandy will contact him about Thurs. Jan 27 from 3 - 5.

Jan 27 evening get together - cancelled at this time in order to schedule the meeting with Marc Compeau. We were also reminded that the evening meetings were not meant to deal with "business" but perhaps be more for discussions of art and philosophy.  Larry will offer to host and talk about his work at Bluseed - will check on dates

Advertising Committee: (Sandy, Andy, Todd, Karen/Peter, Matt P, Susan, Burdette) - those able to stay met afterwards - Matt P is going to work on creating the ads. Focus will be on promoting our events.

Peter Seward: suggested an ad in ACNA Arts Directory - advertise our events - 1/2 page ($225) with a membership fee - it was agreed to add this to our advertising plan.

Events: members are encouraged to determine dates and get events to Sandy for the web site calendar ASAP.
- also planning a promotion the last week in June/1st week in July to correspond with Horse Shows in LP - we need to try to have a lot of arts events scheduled at that time. There may be a hand-out or ad to encourage Horse Show folks to come visit Saranac Lake.
- suggestion: put Art vending machine in Lake Placid during Horse Shows - Gail will check with Denise Hendren about having it in her shop.
- also considering some kind fo Arts passport (like the ORDA Olympic passport)
- Daffest, April 29 - May 1 - Sandy may plan a mini Plein Air event - artists painting in the village, show & sale on Sunday

Social Media - Courtney will plan to feature new members and upcoming events

ArtWorks sponsored Invitational Exhibit: Peter Shrope will check with Nadia to see if Cantwell Room is available. Do this to encourage emerging artists, expose ArtWorks to new artists, etc. (nurturing). Local musicians. Susan will email to see who else might like to help. Go through Chamber to use Town Hall for exhibit. Or Bluseed - in between  shows. Or Pendragon.

Todd (via email):
- Non progress for Tuesday talks & the village gallery map - Gail volunteered to do it - SEND HER A LIST, all arts related venues - ArtWorks member listed on back.
- Think about the art machine works for 2011 - send out sizes & reminder
- Will front the funds for the Farmers Market & organize that with Matt B - they will put out a request form for members that want to display. Perhaps this can be the first of the invitational or juried work portion of the membership?”

Other related topics:
- Art at Baracho’s - maybe could be a new ArtWalk venue.

Mark - is there room to have another “guild” type gallery? Sandy - an Art Under $100 shop? Susan - might reorganize shop to include some art. Guild method most successful - a group sharing duties and costs. Toss out a suggestion to our members.... (Burdette) is there an interest in a new co-op gallery in Saranac Lake - ArtWorks could help, maybe a press release?

- Art at Adirondack Business Center - time to change? June - Reflect 2011 membership.
- also at the hospital - Diane coordinates 2 month rotations of work there

- Sandy will update web site to reflect 2011 membership,

- Porch meeting 4:30 HSL for anyone interested

Next meeting: Feb 8, 8 am, Guild