saranac lake artworks
Notes from Meetings - Jan 10, 2012, 8 AM


Present: Mark Kurtz, Burdette Parks, John DiGiacomo, Peter Seward, Todd Smith, Susan Olsen

Advertising - visitors guide graphic/text due soon - ad committee should work this out soon - Matt P, Sandy, John, Todd?
Susan will send email reminder

Membership - get forms in soon - higher fee as of Jan 15

Bylaws- we need to draft some.  Previously, Todd, Tim, and Susan had volunteered to work on this - rules for officers, partnership with village, 501(c)3? Needs to be worked out.  They should get together.

Ways to encourage membership involvement: At meetings - have calendar of art events for people to sign up & help with- master calendar of art works events

Have a “Wish List”: these are more events we'd like to add - can one person or three people take one of these events? Identify what the group wants to accept responsibility for? 
St Luke’s Church would like to be more involved with the Arts community – has offered the use of its parish hall for displays or activities – Susan will invite them to join the Art Walk as a venue – extend the walk farther up Main St, help more people to get involved

Todd - put together draft for 501(c)3 – join with  Adk Sustainable Communities and the village - looking to create arts & culture center - make a place around depot open all year
Grant partnership being developed - Naj with CHC and Adk Scenic Railroad and the Village

Not for profit - is there anyone other than Todd to work on it?  John offered to help

Burdette will send out a financial report before Feb mtg

Studio tour - need to rework financial transactions - Burdette will have suggestions  -use Paypal?  Easy to track

Should we get a PO Box?  Good idea - need a place for a stable address - DONE: PO BOX 1274

Art under $100 - we don't know how it went - 7444 rep was pleased with it - good chance to engage

ACNA undergoing changes - has office space in SL - may relate to AW one way or another - more to follow