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Notes from Meetings - Jan 17, 2017

ArtWorks Meeting Jan 17, 2017

In attendance: Beth Gallagher, Tim Fortune, Edward DeLeon, Cathy Hartung, Lee Ann Sporn, Georgeanne Gaffney, Jim Connelly, Mark Kurtz, Larry Poole, Cris Winters, Sandy Hildreth, David Woodward, Carol Vossler

1st formal meeting of ArtWorks/BluSeed Special Committee

Formal announcement about ArtWorks/BluSeed - a press release to inform the public is in progress.

Regular date/time for meetings: 2nd Tuesday? Edward volunteered to set up a Doodle poll for 2nd week; Tues - Wed - Thurs, 8:30 or 5:30 and send it out to the current membership

ArtWorks Committee - now needs to answer to the BluSeed Board (for some major decisions); fiscal & legal issues defined by attorney; ArtWorks to retain own identify; ArtWorks is now a committee of the BluSeed Board.

Committee needs to have at least a Chair and some sub-committees, to involve more members.
Chair - should be on the BluSeed Board; act as liaison; can be an ex-officio member of the Board; Tim - good communication ties; Tim - suggest members rotate attendance at the others’ board meetings; Interim Chair: Mark Kurtz; Larry will help.
Seeking volunteers for the following Committees (and possibly more):
  • Secretary
  • Calendar Volunteer - Cris
  • Website
  • Studio Tour
  • Plein Air
  • Advertising
  • Membership
  • ArtWalks
  • Member Shows
  • Volunteer Chair
  • Attend other meetings (community, grants, other organizations)
BluSeed Studios is looking to hire a full time office administrator - since ArtWorks is now part of BluSeed, that means some of our day to day, business and financial tasks will likely be included (and we will help pay for the position). But volunteers are still needed to help run our events and projects. By splitting into committees, the volunteer tasks will be small and short term. Please consider helping.

Membership: what do members get for their Professional Membership
  • Individual listing, with a picture of their work and contact information in our Membership Directory and on our Website
  • Name listed, when possible in major advertising
  • Names listed, when possible, in press releases and articles submitted for publication
  • Specific exhibit opportunities for members - Cape Air, VIC, other
  • Facebook & Twitter promotion of member exhibits and events
  • Member exhibits and events listed on our online calendar as well as others (Chamber, ROOST, etc.)
  • 7000 member directory brochures were distributed throughout the Adirondack Region to hotels, restaurants, and tourism centers
  • Full page ads in 25,000 of the Saranac Lake Area Chamber of Commerce Visitors Guide and 10,000 Adirondack Daily Enterprise "Arts in the Park" publications
Tim: we need incentives for people to remain a member and to volunteer. Maybe a special exhibit for volunteers only.

Tim: willing to have ArtWorks take over the ArtWalks (about a $2000 budget)

Membership/Advertising Fees for 2017 - $25 across the board increase, the first dues increase since 2009.
  • $200 Gallery (brick & mortar location with regular hours);
  • $175 Professional Member;
  • $150 Professional Member part of a gallery or organization that is a member;
  • $50 under 30 - no increase in fee in order to encourage younger artists to join
Mark suggested raising dues to $300, but reduce them $150 if you volunteer for one of the committees. This option was discussed but NOT selected.
Suggested a space on member form for volunteer tasks so members can select one they'd be willing to help with.

Cathy: Do we want to expand membership beyond our area? Yes. We welcome members from anywhere. Will need incentives - shows for members at VIC, Cape Air, Pink House; generating opportunities for artists

Finances: most years all membership fees went to advertising/brochures; money to hire person comes from business sponsors, plein air, other events; profit from past plein air events

Feb 1 - Visitors Guide ad due - full page? Yes - 25,000 copies distributed. Get membership info out ASAP;

Edward: Animal Masks: printed 75 masks; only 20 purchased; put on ArtWorks website; send graphic to Colleen for Winter Carnival; display at Galleries; maybe at a bank? Chamber? Share on Facebook; set up a table at Paul Smith’s College? Idea was to get masks decorated and on display at BluSeed.

Edward: being in parade as ArtWorks/BuSeed - solicit people to walk in the parade; Arctic Golf needs people to build an obstacles for that - could be a giant paper mask

BluSeed Position - seeking a full time staff person. Share with people you feel would be qualified and interested.

Representative needed for Arts Master Plan Committee: Mark willing to attend.

Tourism Funding - should look into; marketing and promoting our arts organizations, exhibits, galleries, and events should be considered to attract visitors. Positive economic benefits.

Studio Tour - Committee - come up with some plans and present at next meeting: Cris; Georgeanne

Adjourned due to ice storm!